MySint100- Industry Metal 3D Printer

Break free of the constraints imposed by traditional manufacturing methods such as investment casting and CNC machining and transform your manufacturing work process. With SISMA’s MySint100, experience an expedited design and production cycle, leading to shorter time to market, cost savings and enhanced productivity. Possessing the Laser Metal Fusion Technology, as well as various functions that cater to the specific needs of the industrial sector, this cutting edge metal 3D Printer is set to positively impact numerous industries.

MySint100 Industry Metal 3D Printer


MySint100- Industry Metal 3D Printer: So, why should you use SISMA Metal Additive Manufacturing systems?

Well, here are 7 reasons as to why we think it might be a good fit for you:

Increased Productivity

  • Due to SISMA’s mysint patented Tilting Coater, lesser time is required for the re-coating between each layer, hence enabling your desired 3D Printed metal object to be built at a faster rate.

Reduced gas consumption

  • With an in-built gas management system, the SISMA mysint machine facilitates the consistent distribution of gases over the metal powder bed while simultaneously allowing you to save on the amount of gas being utilized.

Reduced chances of parts contamination

  • Possessing a simple and durable design, the SISMA mysint machine can be split apart, thus decreasing the probability of contamination between the Laser Metal Fusion process zone and the electronic part.

High Flexibility

  • Select and swap out cylinders as you desire without affecting the time needed for powder recharge.

Filter that can be easily changed and replaced

  • SISMA’s mysint machine’s filter can be easily changed and replaced, which means you no longer need to worry about struggling with complicated machine maintenance procedures.

Minimal powder wastage due to greater control

  • With the dynamic oversupply function, you can ensure that metal powder wastage is kept to a minimum. You will know precisely how much powder is needed in each area and better monitor the usage levels.

Open system

  • Featuring open source CAM and HMI, you are given the option of modifying and adjusting the parameters according to your needs and requirements.



Effective cylinder volume:

Ø 100x100mm

Laser Source:

Fiber Laser 200W

Precision Optics:

Quartz F-Theta Lense

Laser Spot Diameter:

55 μm

Typical Layer thickness:

20-30  μm

Power Supply:

220-240V 1 ph- 50/60 HZ

Machine Dimensions:

1390x 1600 x  777mm

Net weight:


Max Power absorbed:

1000 VA

O2 Concentration:


Inert gas supply:

Nitrogen,  Argon

Inert Gas consumption:

<0.3L/min@0.5% O2


<70 dB


Glove Box

Filter unit: