SISMA- Accuracy and complexity, all in a small package

  • With SISMA Metal Additive Manufacturing systems, achieve precise and elaborate 3D Printed metal objects in the exact manner that you envisioned it. Utilizing the selective laser melting process (also known as laser metal fusion technology), SISMA Metal Additive Manufacturing systems allows users to transform layers of metallic powders into solid, 3D Printed metal products easily and effortlessly. This is achieved by passing a strong laser beam through layers of metal powder in specific directions inside a sealed chamber.
  • Aside from that, the SISMA Metal Additive Manufacturing system also consists of a relatively small platform, making it easy and convenient for transportation as well as cost effective (SISMA machines range from $280,000* onwards).

More about SISMA

  • Ever since its advent in the 2000s (the Metal Additive Manufacturing system), SISMA, an Italian based company has left its mark on not just the manufacturing industry but the jewellery, dental, education, research and development industries as well, making it an established and reputable brand in the field of additive manufacturing. A firm believer in providing reliable and durable machines for the rapidly changing industries, SISMA seeks to aid companies in terms of revolutionizing their prototyping and mass production process.