Our Company

about-usAt Creatz3D Pte Ltd, we recognize the constraints imposed by conventional manufacturing methods as well as how it might hinder you from achieving your full potential. As such, we are fully committed to the cause of providing you with 3D Printing solutions that will aid you in tackling these challenges. Whether be it re-designing a tool to optimize its ergonomic feel or producing a desired 3D Printed product in a shorter timeframe, we care and are here to assist you on every stage of the 3D Printing process.

Most importantly, we understand how crucial it is to stay relevant and ensure that you are able to do so, by updating you on the latest 3D Printing trends and developments. Offering a wide range of 3D Printing technologies ranging from plastic (Stratasys and Structo) to metal 3D printing (ARCAM and SISMA), Creatz3D lets you leave no opportunity unturned.

Furthermore, with ARCAM and SISMA Metal Additive Manufacturing systems, push the boundaries in terms of metal components production and enhance your overall work productivity. Unparalleled innovation and design freedom is just a 3D Printer away.

You can rely on us- 15 years of 3D Printing expertise

Although the company name, ‘Creatz3D’ was only formally established in 2012, we have been around since 2002. Under the guidance and management of our parent company, Hong Chek Co. (Pte) Ltd, we have provided additive manufacturing systems and solutions catered specifically to the jewelry and manufacturing industries.

Ever since then, we have been constantly striving to assist organizations, businesses and individuals in the creation of a more efficient and customized work process. This has been done through the constant sharing of our knowledge and expertise with you, our clients and the masses for the past 15 years. In addition, we also have a trained team of customer support engineers that are readily available to assist you in all aspects of machine maintenance and utilization, making the entire machine upkeep process a breeze.